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On A Mission Charities
16050 Hwy 82C
Hulbert, Oklahoma 74441



What Can You Donate?

• Vehicles
• Real estate
• Boats
• Recreational Vehicles
• Bonds
• Stocks
• Monetary donations

How can I help through On A Mission?

Your donations help to buy the materials and pay labor costs for each job.

Your donated vehicles provide transportation for working families, to doctors appointments, jobs, etc.

Your donated recreational items make it possible for us to take children and Veterans of War hunting and fishing, etc.

Your donated clothing, shoes, school supplies help us to provide for families in need.


Any and All charitable contributions are very appreciated.


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On A Mission Charities is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping under privileged children, struggling families, elderly, veterans of war, disaster victims, wildlife conservation,  and 501 (C)(3) organizations.

Our Services Include:

  • taking under privileged children and veterans of war hunting and fishing
  • disaster response
  • building wheel chair ramps
  • building handicap accessible bathrooms
  • well & septic systems
  • residential home repairs
  • search and rescue assistance

At No Cost to the client.




Current Charitable Needs

We are currently accepting donations and charitable contributions

  • to assist with natural and man made disasters
  • to meet the needs of under privileged children
  • to provide for the medically needy

To learn how you can help please contact us.

Mission Statement

Everyone's life is touched at some time in some way with difficulties, though surely there are those who struggle more than others. with the help of donations, together we can make a difference in the world to change lives for the better. Our mission is to create a positive change in the lives of children, families and communities.

Our Goal

Is to meet the material needs of people from all walks of life, regardless of age, race, gender, or nationality.


Our Priorities include:

  • Making a wish come true for under privileged children and veterans of war.
  • Making necessary home repairs for handicapped, elderly, and families affected by natural disasters.
  • Providing wells and septic for families in need.
  • Providing transportation to families in need.
  • Search and rescue assistance